The Future of Cannabinoid Botanical Formulations

iBOT is a Multidisciplinary Botanical Nutritional Supplement Company Specializing in the R&D and GMP manufacture of combined Cannabis, Botanical and Fungal Synergistic Formulations and Novel Drug Delivery Systems

Expanding the Entourage

iBOT creates enhanced cannabinoid products by combining them with other synergistic botanical or fungi extracts, vitamins and minerals.

We draw from a variety of 350 herbs and fungi, and 150 vitamins, nutrients and minerals, in or formulations, based on 25 years of know-how and experience.

Products focus on conditions where known CBD benefits synergize therapeutically with these active ingredients, either directly or indirectly. This enables us to not only create unique and powerful new products but to lead the research into these interactions and synergies.

These formulations have generated hundreds of successful nutritional supplement products in their own right, independent of cannabinoids and the enhanced combination is extremely powerful.

HI Line: Hemp + Botanicals Range

Targeting Anxiety &
Stress Related Conditions

Synergistic Botanical Formulas Containing Medicinal Herbs and Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Layer 2

HI Golden Line: CBD + Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal Mushrooms, Adaptogenic Herbs and Cannabidiol

Synergistic Botanical Formulas Containing Medicinal Mushrooms, Adaptogens Herbs and Cannabidiol

HI Formulations

Extended Hi Range

Combinations of successful existing botanical formulations with the addition of CBD. For directly synergistic therapeutic effects such as anxiety, inflammation and complementary synergistic effects dealing with the symptoms  performance, libido, rescue remedy, vitamin mineral supplements, circulation, immune system

iBOT R&D Head-Quarters

Our Israeli Ministry of Health Good Manufacturing Procedure (GMP) certified facility located in Israel. The facility is also ISO 9001:2015, and HACCP certified by IQC. Our facility is audited biannually to assure the highest quality manufacturing protocols.

Extractions, formulations, and packaging are done on site. The facility has a wet division a for liquid products such as tinctures and syrups as well as a dry division for tablets, capsules and powders.

All raw materials are tested before use, and all products are externally tested before release.

iBOT Clinical Trials

iBOT works with leading CRO’s to investigate the therapeutic impact of our products. Including the use of in-vitro high-throughput screening protocols as well as animal studies including those using cannabinoids are  available together.

iBOT looks to clinical trials as the gold standard and will investigate our formulations in partnership with leading Israeli Medical Centers


iBOT Manufacturing Solutions: Israeli innovation of the highest quality

From concept to retail, iBOT’s turnkey services will lead you every step of the development process. We partner with you to make your product a joint success.
We have 25 years accumulated knowledge and manufacturing experience in botanical, and nutritional supplement formulation. The company has a wide range of existing botanical, mushroom, vitamin and mineral formulations or provide custom formulation services, to provide you with your perfect product.
We bring you the best of Israeli innovation, the highest quality standards, and a wide range of unique formulations to create products that exceed your expectations both in quality and effectiveness.

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